Chiropractic DVD Series Price: $995.00

Health Visions has created one of the easiest and most effective patient education systems available on the market. With over 1000 educational and promotional slides combined, this DVD series has helped thousands of chiropractors grow their practice. Here is why you should purchase this system:

  • 12 volumes to rotate weekly and keep fresh

  • Non-narrated and not disruptive to staff

  • Turn them on and they play all day

  • Consistently asks for referrals and family care

  • The 12 titles of the DVDS included in the set are:

    Our Chiropractic Office

    Chiropractic Trivia Challenge

    Better Health with Nutrition

    The Big Idea

    The Chiropractic Workshop

    Chiropractic for Parents

    Chiropractic for Auto & Work Injuries

    Chiropractic & Sports

    Chiropractic and Women's Health

    Positive and Healthy Quotes

    The Amazing Body & Chiropractic

    Tips for a Healthy Mind and Body

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